How can I add new folders to the Favorites in the Finder sidebar?

  • Last Post 20 June 2017
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admin posted this 20 June 2017

I'd like to create a new Favorites folder item in the Finder, how can I tell the Finder that I would like a particular folder to appear in my list of Favorites shown on the left hand sidebar of the Finder window and in dialogs to open a file in an application? I expected to find this in the Finder's Preferences, but the Sidebar tab of the preferences only allows you to toggle the visibility of your existing Favorites, not add new ones. I see that applications like DropBox are able to extend this Sidebar, so what about an end user, how can I extend it?

admin posted this 20 June 2017

Simply drag the folder to the desired position in the sidebar. This adds the folder to the sidebar in every current and future Finder window, as well as Finder Open/Save windows/sheets.

Drag and drop folder to finder favourites