Old project with Visual Studio for Mac with MSB4064 and MSB4063 build errors

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erportico posted this 19 June 2017

Hi guys,
I've created and am still developing some project on my Mac from year ago. They was working fine. From when I installed a couple of weeks ago Visual Studio for Mac, I'm receiving some Debug errors like:

/Users/enricorossini/Projects/myProject/packages/Xamarin.Forms.,4): Error MSB4064: The "DebugType" parameter is not supported by the "XamlCTask" task. Verify the parameter exists on the task, and it is a settable public instance property. (MSB4064)

/Users/enricorossini/Projects/myProject/packages/Xamarin.Forms.,3): Error MSB4063: The "XamlCTask" task could not be initialized with its input parameters. (MSB4063)

I tried to delete bin and obj folders but the errors are still there.

admin posted this 19 June 2017

It is a bit tricky but you can resolve your problem to delete DebugType = "$(DebugType)" from Xamarin.Forms.targets.

For that, open in your folder solution this folder:


Then open the file called Xamarin.Forms.targets and (usually at the end of the file) you can find the line to remove.

Remove line from Xamarin.Forms.targets